Watch for updates as our name changes to
Movie Poster Archives, Inc.


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Cinema Ephemera is the world’s first organization dedicated solely to the preservation of film accessories: film posters, papers, and artifacts. Our mission is four-fold:

  • Find and Identify: Locate and protect artifacts and paper accessories in danger of being damaged or destroyed.

  • Research and Development:  Promote innovation in the preservation of artifacts and ephemera.

  • Education: Provide guidance and training for archivists, museums, collectors, libraries, and film societies in the archiving and preservation of film artifacts and ephemera.

  • Digital Record: Make digital records to preserve images of artifacts and ephemera.

Donors and Supporters:

  • The Institute for Cinema Ephemera is a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt entity. 

  • Cash Donations:  We gratefully accept cash donations which are important for covering our monthly expenses and overhead.

  • In-kind donations: Posters, papers, and artifacts support the Institute in several important ways–and the donor may be entitled to claim a tax deduction.

  • Donated goods: After we evaluate in-kind donations for condition and historical significance, items are added to our permanent collection, used in one of our education programs, or sold to fund our operations.

  • Please contact us before submitting in-kind donations.